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Animal Crossing: New Leaf (in Japan, "Jump Out") is the sixth game in the Animal Crossing series, a life simulation that always involves the player, a human boy or girl, moving in to a new town populated by cute anthromorphic animal characters.

The first game was released in April 2002. The first three games are among the best-selling for their respective consoles. Animal Crossing has sold 2.321 million copies; Wild World 10.79 million; and City Folk 3.38 million. In total, the Animal Crossing franchise has sold over 16.49 million units!

Basic GameplayEdit


Artwork of an Animal Crossing player, house and villagers.

As a townsperson you would be required to earn bells that can pay off a mortgage, buy clothes for a new outfit, or purchase furniture for your house. This keeps the game from being aimless. To earn bells you must actively work in your community, by participating in activities such as fishing, bug-catching, collecting fruits or shells and just getting to know your fellow villagers!

New LeafEdit

The latest game in the series is released in Japan but yet to be released in America and Europe, so not all information is confirmed. However, we do know that New Leaf is going to be brilliant! The main character (that's you!) is now mayor of the town they move to, assisted by an adorable yellow dog called Isabelle. With this new twist, you have a much greater ability to customise your town. You can start community projects to build statues or other large items to display around your town, not to mention change the appearance of bridges, exteriors of houses and setting laws!

To learn more about the game, browse our wiki for information. We are just starting so there's not much here yet, but you wait!