In New Leaf, there are some really cool Nintendo collectible items. They're pretty hard to get (you need to amount plenty of play coins) but they're worth it - how super do they look?

==What Are Special Items==

Player dressed as Link from Zelda

Special items are based on symbolic Nintendo objects, for example a Mario hat or a sword from the Zelda games. They can be placed about your house like normal Animal Crossing furniture and some may make noises or complete actions when clicked. They can't be bought in any shop.

How To Get Special ItemsEdit

To obtain a special item, you must go to Timmy and Tommy's shop and buy a fortune cookie. Each fortune cookie will take 2 play coins, so make sure you stock up on those. After you buy one, crack it open and read the fortune. A fortune can have either a positive or negative effect, for example, no bees in shaken trees or constantly tripping over when running. After you have read the fortune cookie, return it to one of the twins and you will get a Nintendo item in exchange.