The appearance of bells as seen in Wild World

"Bells" is the currency used in the Animal Crossing series. They are used primarily to buy things, from furniture to clothes to housing expansions. In the original Animal Crossing the player could carry up to 849,999 Bells at any one time. in new leaf, a player can carry 1,683,999 bells at one time. or with mail 2,673,999



A money tree.

Bells are shown in tan sacks with a brown star in the center, tied with a bright red rope at the top. They are shown individually as coins, but in larger amounts we simply see the bag.

Earning BellsEdit

There are many ways to make Bells: the player can sell items and fruit, do favors for villagers, or even shake trees to get out money. The player can also make a Money Tree by burying Bells with a golden shovel. Money trees will not always grow, but when they do, they can be very profitable. The more bells you bury, the higher chance you have of getting it to bloom (and to grow bigger amounts of cash!)